Secret Proposal

There is an unmatched kind of excitement that comes over you when a you get a call for a proposal shoot; the planning, the preparation, the surprise! When Marc called us to photograph his proposal to Cassie, we were more than excited… ecstatic jubilation would be a better description. We needed to move fast, with only a week to plan our logistics and “cover story” for the proposal. Marc cleverly disguised the proposal as a typical couple session at one of Cassie’s favorite places in Newburyport, MA.



Some of the fun with surprise proposal shoots is rolling with the punches. Weather, external factors like family and friends who may play a part in the surprise, or even the unsuspecting client who may want to reschedule! But in the end, Marc and I were successful in keeping the proposal train on the tracks. And when Marc was ready, he gave us the signal that he was ready. Cassie still had no idea!




Then Marc got down on one knee professing his love for Cassie as he pulled out the ring box he so nervously hid from her all day. It was perfect!



Cassie was completely surprised and overwhelmed with joy.




Our hearts were moved at Cassie’s tears of happiness. So much love in this moment! What a sweet memory to have of such a monumental occasion.


Proposals are often overlooked as photographic opportunities. In the story of you and your beloved, the proposal is the spark of a new beginning. A whole new adventure awaits you after the spoken, yes. What a lovely moment to have as the first chapter in your new life book together. Some of the most rewarding parts of being a photographer are the relationships we make and the trust that is given to us in these very precious and tender moments. These invitations allow us a deeper sense of who you are. Marc and Cassie are a wonderful example of how together, we were able to pen their story with our lenses.





We are honored to have been able to be an author to your book, Marc & Cassie. We are looking forward to many more chapters!